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Stationery Starter Set


Get what you need to elevate your deskscape, kick start new ideas, and freshen up that cubicle. The Starter Set includes our Monthly Desktop Notepad, our Brass Bolt Pen, and the Brass Keepsake Jar. Tackle your daily tasks, jot down new ideas, and organize your workspace.

Additional Details

1 Monthly Desktop Notepad, 1 Brass Bolt Pen, 1 Brass Keepsake Jar

WEIGHT:  5 lbs.
DIMENSIONS:  Monthly Desktop Notepad: 5 in. (w) x 8 in. (h) x 1 in. (d)
Brass Bolt Pen: 1.5 in. (w) × 1.5 in. (d) × 7 in. (l)
Brass Keepsake Jar: 3.5 in. (w) x 2 in. (h)

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Additional information

Weight 30.5 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 in

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